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I would like to thank Jerry Hodges for service above and beyond the norm. After bad experiences with more than one broker, Jerry kept me informed on a daily basis about what the interest rates were doing. While doing this he was never pushy, only looking out for my best interests. I would tell anyone it was a true pleasure to refinance with Jerry Hodges and HLC.


Kelly F.
Greenville, KY

To whom it concerns:

I want to thank Jerry for his hard work on getting me a great deal on my mortgage. I found Jerry through Lending Tree. He was the first to call me only 10 minutes after filling out my application and that was on the weekend. Within hours of sending him the documents he required I had the pre-approval I needed to go shopping for a home. Jerry was patient and kept in contact while we shopped and when we finally had the house we wanted he was fast with the offer. Now I didn’t think the first guy I talked with would end up with the best offer but he did. I had several other brokers claiming they “would match any offer” I had, so I called their bluffs and sent them a copy of the GFE Jerry sent me. Both responded, one said “That guy can have it” and the other said, “You’ll never get that deal at closing, he’s going to sneak something in there or make some excuse…. I’m a bank and nobody
can beat me and offer that deal” So I was leery, but Jerry always
answered my questions and I never had reason to doubt. Closing came and I got the rate and terms that Jerry promised, no games. You simply can’t ask for a better situation than having the best offer you can find and it coming with a great guy who will respond to any
questions you have night or day. Don’t waste your time shopping
around, or do…. either way you’ll likely discover that Jerry has the best offer.

Jason A.
Orlando, FL

Rates have started to increase.

If you are considering buying a home or refinancing now may be the time.

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The Home Loan Consulting Group Staff

Our new website is currently under construction.

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The new website will contain all kinds of valuable resources and mortgage related content to empower shoppers.

September 10, 2011
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