To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Sarah Cash and I am a client of your company, more specifically Rob Hourigan. We have just recently closed on a home that we have been searching for for nearly a year. The price range that we qualified for was far from a large sum of money and would result in minimal commission for Rob. We would have never known it though. From day one (a year ago!) Rob treated us like we were his most important client. He checked in with us frequently to see how the hunt was going and was easily accessible when we needed him. He stuck with us when our first choice fell through and worked closely with our Realtor when the second house became a possibility. Both our Realtor and my mother-in-law (who owns a title company) spoke high praises after working with Rob. We ended up developing a friendship with someone we never even met in person. You have an amazing employee on your hands and I hope it is easily seen through your eyes. It was pretty random to find such good work ethic through an application on lending tree. We are more than satisfied with Robs work and felt it was important that you were made aware. He is an asset to your company and a man of good character.


Sarah C.
Lutz, FL

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September 11, 2011
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